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Punjabi Mehndi Designs

Punjabi's are highly populated around the world, especially in Pakistan and India, many people are increasingly experiencing the culture and becoming influenced by it. Punjab is well known for its music, food, poetry and its weddings tradition. Punjabi weddings have many rituals and ceremonies that have evolved since traditional times and mehndi plays a major part in their weddings. Punjabi mehndi designs stand among the oldest mehndi designs in the nation. In this henna art, the beauty of their culture and tradition are painted on the hands and legs of woman and men. Punjabi's mehndi also mark as a charm and good luck, as it is applied on all auspicious occasions including weddings, festivals like Lori, Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Vaisakhi, etc. For this style, bold mehndi cone is used to create the designs containing different patterns of flowers, leaves, lines and curves. Punjabi mehndi is quite popular for its dark leaves and usage of dark red colors for both hands and legs. It is also said that, among all types of henna types within India, Punjabi designs are the best; not only for its culturally rich patterns but also when it comes to the mehndi color that gets on the bride's hands and legs.
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