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Saree is a traditional dress worn by women in India. Usually, bridal sarees are red in color, have a golden or white embroidery on the corners. And, even though some women prefer to have other dresses for the wedding purpose, sarees are still considered as best attire by most of them. Bridal sarees are a lot of times made with silk and a lot of women like to have it in red color. Some other common fabrics used for bridal sarees are satin, georgette, crepe, and tissue. These days bridal sarees include heavy embroidery and work/design consisting of artificial diamonds, stones, beads, kundans, resham and cut-dana. Although wearing sarees in more common among south-Indian weddings, these days, a lot of north Indian brides are also preferring sarees. Some of the most popular places to find really high quality wedding sarees are Kancheepuram, Bengal, Banaras and Andhra.. The more intense the design with more number of materials used, the greater the price of the saree. So, women choose their bridal sarees based on the amount of materials, etc. The below gallery contains bridal sarees with some really amazing designs; check them out.
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