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Vaddanam Designs (Waist belt) is unique jewellery found in India and is popularly known as kamarband. This is an ornament that surrounds the complete waist and is located just below the waistline. Waist belt is available for women of all ages and personality. It goes very well with the traditional Indian wedding dress and this has been in continuance since ages. Itís an agreeable fact that for some years this jewellery was not in much demand; but with the rise of wedding standards in India, its sales have bounced back to some extent. The gold sales in India have been exceptional Ė traditional gold jewellery and wedding jewellery is on a rise despite of high prices. This type of jewellery differs from one region to another; especially in the north and south part of India. These are basically made with chain layers that connect to other ends and may also include diamonds, gems stuffed in it. The commonly used metal to make the belt is either gold or silver. But, in the southern region of India, itís more of gold and less of silver. Vaddanam Designs is worn usually on the sarees and lehengas. These are worn as a mark of fashion and wealth. Despite of the age factor, many women wear a waist belt for the special occasion. But, today, waist belts are not common across India.
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