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Nose Ring - Best Nose Ring Designs for Indian Brides

Nose ring is a jewellery piece worn by many Indian brides in their nose. It is known as “nath” in Indian native language, Hindi. Generally, jewellery is found in different formats in the Indian market, but when it comes to this ornament, there are only two formats that you’ll come across - wire type and screw type. These types of nose ring are considered as a mark of fashion and are selected in color that matches the earring color. Some nose rings are made of pure gold while others are made of different metals with diamonds studded in them. The diamond studded rings are usually found in the flower patterns and are created especially for the brides and brides-to-be. They come in different sizes. The ones that are large in size have a long chain attached to it that extends to the ear. The chain is to hold the ring at the right spot. Coming to the ring shapes, we could list – round, square, and triangle. So, based on these shapes and the formats we mentioned above, one can pick the ornament in different categories. The categories can be broadly listed as - braided gold, handmade, multicolored jeweled, multicolored with spikes, authentic crown, gold and diamond pins, gold with beads, steel and silver studs, studs with gems, white pearl, glass, plastic and bronze. Have said that – its upto the bride to pick a nose ring that suits her personality and looks appealing to her. Checkout the below gallery to learn more about different types of nose ring:
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