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Necklace Designs - Best Necklaces for Indian Wedding

Necklace designs hold an important position in an Indian wedding. Since more men and women are getting into jewellery design industry, the designs of necklaces are getting trendier day by day. Therefore, there are many design options available for women in the industry. The necklaces are elegantly designed keeping the various aspects such as the brideís choice, the bridal wear, etc. Beaded designs have its roots in India since centuries and these necklaces are known for the versatile style in them. Designers generally use precious gemstones, pearls, gold, white gold and material to create this jewellery. Depending on the affordability, brides can choose their own gemstone, and metal type too. While some people may choose yellow gold plus gems; others prefer may white gold plus diamonds. Another very popular type of necklace designs is the polki designs. These type of designs are prevalent across India. However, since these polki designs involve extensive use of different stones and appear to be historic, they are quite expensive. And, even though these designs were originated in India, they still managed to get into the western market. This design is created by using uncut diamonds and can be designed as per customerís specific requirements. Kundan designs are another very popular type of designs that are used in Indian markets. These necklace designs exist in the market since a long time and use a unique way of diamond setting. The diamonds in this design are set as the chandelier structures and are very smaller in size. All the small diamonds are incorporated together to attain an amazing and visually appealing necklace.
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