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Gold is a part of popular Indian wedding tradition. Gold bangles, earrings, bracelets, armlets, and many other gold ornaments of different designs, carats of gold, and shapes are worn by the brides and other women attending the function. Of all the jewellery, bangles are considered as an item with a powerful wow factor. Almost every Indian woman wears gold bangles at her wedding in urban India and uses it to enhance her looks. Despite of rise in the gold prices, thereís no decrease in the gold sales across India. In fact, the demand for bangles has seemingly gone up in the last few years. Taking advantage of the demand, jewellers sell bangles in multiple designs and patterns. Bangles made from pure gold are worn mostly in pairs as they are considered lucky for the new couple. In traditional Indian weddings, bangles are given a lot of preference; especially in the Muslim, Sikh and Hindu traditions. These bangles are made from 18, 20, 22 and 24 carat gold. Not just that, gold bangles also have diamonds studded in them, and are also made from white gold. So, it can be pearls, gems, or colorful stones that increase its value and give a stylish look as well; in pure yellow gold or white gold. There are hundreds of good gold merchants across India that provides really world-class gold bangles to the brides and other women. Purity of gold, workmanship, size, and weight are the factors to check before buying bangles from any merchant. Checkout the below gallery to learn about some great gold bangles designs
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