The Most Awesome Mehndi Designs for Your Wedding


Arabic Mehndi Design

Mehndi Designs

Without a doubt, mehndi designs are one of the most important aspect of traditional Indian and Pakistani weddings. Women love it, Men adore it. Catalogs for Mehendi Designs are browsed on every occasion, be it big or small.Mehendi Designs add color to celebrations and ceremonies, festivals and functions; to games, gatherings and the events goes on. In short, it is a part and parcel of all joyous occasions.

Mehendi designs have attracted cosmopolitan interests and added flavor to each tradition along with its different patterns.

Alright, lets cut to the chase and get straight to the point.

African Mehndi Designs

African Mehendi Designs are not quite popular but can add a unique touch when applied. The design is bold when it represents forms of sacred animals, symbols or pottery.

This design is spacious yet connected, making a beautiful pattern.

African mehndi designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Although Arabs are seen covered behind veils and gloves, their Mehndi Designs can attract many glances. Arabic Mehndi Designs being the easiest, is one of the most copied pattern in the world.

The brilliant and bold floral patterns with proper shading and spacing makes the design look simple yet outstanding.

Indian Mehndi Designs

Indian Mehndi Designs are well known over the world since time immemorial. The traditional Indian Mehendi Designs look like a beautiful tale. This design weaves customary patterns and designs of the national fruit and the national bird.

The fine lines and elaborate detailing makes this design quite complicated yet captivating

Indian mehndi designs

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Pakistani Mehndi designs are another addition to the mehendi designs in Asia. Although, it has its roots in India, Pakistani mehndi designs have evolved into its own culture and tradition.


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